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Your neurological consultation with Dr. Rabin will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your medical history, your symptoms and your concerns. 

You should also expect to have a neurological examination which may include examination of some or all of the following: mental status, speech, vision, strength, reflexes, coordination, sensation, balance and gait. 

A plan will be developed with you to better understand and/or manage your particular problem. This plan could include additional testing, medication or referral to other specialists. 


Electrodiagnostic studies are tests that help determine how your nerves and muscles are functioning and include nerve conduction and electromyogram (EMG) studies. Nerve conduction studies determine how well the nerves in the body are able to conduct small electrical signals –
by applying a small electrical impulse to the nerve and recording the resulting electrical waves.
These impulses cause a brief, mild tingling feeling. Electromyographic studies involve placing a small, thin sterile electrode or needle into a muscle.
The insertion of this small needle typically causes
a small amount of pain for a very short time. These tests allow us to determine how well your nerves and muscles are working and if there is a way of treating your problem. 

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