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Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm

To schedule appointments, please call between 9:00am and 4:00pm. 


In the event of a life threatening emergency, call 911. 

You should immediately go to the nearest hospital. 


If your situation is urgent but not life threatening, please call our office. If you reach the answering service, state that you are having an emergent or urgent matter and Dr. Rabin will be contacted promptly.


For all non-urgent matters or prescription refills, call Monday-Friday between 9 AM and 4 PM.




Patient communication, test results, clinical notes and prescription refills can conveniently be obtained through your MyChart account. If you do not already have a MyChart account with Johns Hopkins we will provide information on how to establish one at the time of your appointment.


Our staff will submit all charges to your insurance company or Medicare. If encountering financial difficulties, the patient should let the doctor or administrative staff know so we can discuss any questions you have concerning health insurance and payment options. For additional billing questions, please call 410-616-7188.


Have your pharmacy send an electronic refill request to our office or fax a refill request to 410-616-7131.  




Aetna (we are NOT in network with Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO/PPO or Aetna Medical Assistance HMO Plans)

CareFirst plans (we are NOT in network with BCBS Medicare Advantage HMO/PPO or BCBS Medical Assistance HMO Plans)

Out of State BlueCross BlueShield PPO plans (look for the suitcase in the bottom right corner)

Cigna (we are NOT in network with Cigna Medicare Advantage HMO/PPO or Cigna Medical Assistance HMO Plans)

Maryland Medical Assistance

Traditional Medicare and Railroad Medicare

•Johns Hopkins HealthCare (ALL Johns Hopkins Medicare Advantage plans, EHP, US Family and Priority Partners Medical Assistance HMO plans)

Geisinger Health HMO/PPO

MD Exchange Plans: BCBS of MD Only

PHCS and MultiPlan

Humana Military/Tricare

United (we are NOT in network with United Medicare Advantage HMO/PPO or United Medical Assistance HMO Plans)

For Medicare Advantage PPO, PPFS, and HMO Plans:

•Any Medicare Advantage member who has a PPO plan or PPFS (private fee for service) plan may see Dr. Rabin using their out of network benefits.

• Members who have Medicare Advantage Geisenger HMO or Johns Hopkins Advantage MD HMO plans are in network and can be seen.

• No other Medicare Advantage HMO plans are accepted. 


If your insurance plan requires a referral, please have your doctor's office fax it to us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment at 410-616-7131. If your insurance requires a referral but we do not have it on file, we may not be able to see you on the date of your scheduled appointment. 

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